The 5 most important questions to ask your makeup artist and Red Flags to Avoid!

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“You will be so happy that naturally, you will exude beauty” but I also add on that the makeup artist can help a lot too”



We have teamed up with bridal make up expert Christina Deller from to bring you a few tips and trick to getting your bridal make up and beauty prep perfect before the big day and red flags to avoid!

Through my years of being a wedding makeup artist I have had so many brides tell me that they feel a lot of pressure to look the best they have ever looked on their wedding day. I totally understand, I felt the same way with my wedding but I tell brides the same thing, “You will be so happy that naturally you will exude beauty” but I also add on that the makeup artist can help a lot too!

For a bride to be it’s asking someone to be a part of her big day, get up and close and make her feel beautiful. It’s a big deal and just like you look around to find your dream dress, it should be the same for your makeup artist. There are so many talented makeup artists out there, it’s just about finding the one that best suits you.

So I have 5 questions that you will want to ask your makeup artist before you book her/him and red flags to look out for!


1. One of the most important questions is what brand does she use in her kit.

Now every makeup artist will have different products from a few brands but there is usually one main brand that she uses. For me I use Bobbi Brown and MAC. I am most comfortable with these brands and I know these brands are quality and will last well on the skin. Red Flag– a makeup artist who uses a brand you have never heard of or a brand like Wendy Hill because that’s the makeup you get when you graduate makeup school (not the best for the skin).

2. You will want to ask the makeup artist how long he/she takes to do one person.

Now there is no right or wrong amount of time that it should take to do makeup. I personally take 25-35 min and that includes lashes. I am a little faster simply because I have been doing makeup for 9 years now but a lot of artists take and hour. You want to ask this question because it’s important in the planning of your day. If you need to be ready by perhaps 12pm and you have 5 people needing makeup and your makeup artist takes 1 hour per person then that’s an early start! Red Flag– If your makeup artist can’t give you a time frame she takes. Also if she takes over an hour per person, that’s a long time to be sitting in a chair.

3. This one is not so much a question to ask her/him but rather to ask yourself. Do you connect with her/him?

Having someone there on your wedding day being so close to you and doing something as important as your makeup means that you want someone you get along with and trust. I often will say give your makeup artist a call. You should get a pretty good idea of your makeup artist’s personality just by chatting. Your trial, however, is the best time to get to know your artist and ask lots of questions. You want someone that you can relax around, chat openly with your girlfriends around and overall someone who will make your day more enjoyable. I have heard horror stories of brides whose makeup artist have been bossy telling the bride and bridesmaids what to do!  The best compliment I can get from a bride is that I made her feel relaxed. Red Flag– If the makeup artist is not happy to answer your questions and makes you feel like you are bothering her then just walk away. Also, if during the trial you don’t connect at all then you won’t want that person there on your big day.


4. You will want to ask the makeup artist what are any extra costs such as eyelashes, travel, and special touch ups if they are not clearly stated on his/her website.

For instance, some makeup artists charge to apply false lashes. I personally don’t but I have the bride bring the lashes she wants and I apply them (I provide the glue) for free. Red Flag– If later down the track your makeup artist starts to add on extras or changing prices. Everything you are paying for should be really clear before you pay your deposit. No bride wants surprises just before her wedding.

5. Last but not least it might sound like a silly question but you will want to ask directly if they are the makeup artist that will be showing up on the day.

It amazes me but it seems recently there have been a lot of stories of another artist showing up that the bride has not ever met. To me this boggles my mind to think that a makeup artist wouldn’t make it clear that it wasn’t them specifically that was going to be there on the day. I know that when I book a bride it will be me showing up. I do however have two other makeup artists that I can call on if something really unforeseen happens (I am talking I am in hospital or there has been a true emergency). At least I know that I have artists I recommend and that I can call that I trust in case the worst happens. That, however, is very different to a makeup artist sending someone else to do the work while probably collecting a percentage without your knowledge. Red Flag– If you notice on his/her website that they mention their ‘team’ a lot but it’s not clearly introducing the team members then watch out. Also check their terms and conditions. Some makeup artists clearly state that on the day they might not be the artist that shows up so you will want to double check that.

I hope that these tips and things to look out for have been helpful for you. Just remember your makeup artist should be someone that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while giving you the perfect look for your day. All the best with your wedding plans and feel free to ask any questions you might have ♥

xox Christina

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