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My husband and I had an absolutely amazing time with Jesse and Jesse on our wedding day!

Jesse made us feel comfortable and at ease, even through the pouring rain! The result was more than we could’ve asked for. Jesse really understood our vision and produced us a creative, stunning photo collection.

We couldn’t recommend them enough as your wedding photographers!
— Ellen
20190301 Amy and Brendan-7.jpg
Wow, these are so amazing.
We can’t thank you enough for capturing our wedding day the way that you have.

Its a bit sad that its all over now but we are so happy we’ve got these beautiful photos to look back on forever!

Thanks again Jesse, all of these are perfect :)
— Sarah & Will
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Jesse and Jessie Weddings-9.jpg
Jesse and Jessie are incredible photographers, whose creativity and fun really shows through their work.

We spent an afternoon with them exploring the west coast of Auckland while getting some photos for a music project.

They made us feel comfortable and relaxed, and the afternoon felt more like an adventure than a photo shoot! And we were blown away by the quality of their photos.

We’d highly recommend Jesse and Jessie to anyone looking for professional, creative and fun photos! They are genuinely both amazing people, and we’re so glad we met them.
— Aaron and Emma
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Jesse and Jessie Weddings-7.jpg
Anthony and I are completely fangirling over these photos!!!!!!!!
You are amazing!

These have absolutely exceeded our already high expectations! We’re dead. Dead. “
— Kris and Anthony
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I called up these two for an engagement session last minute and was blown away by the whole experience we received!

They provided clear communication throughout the whole process, worked with our crazy schedule and were willing to drive to meet us at our remote location. Day of, Jesse took all of my scattered ideas and ran with it, and his shots turned out even better than I had imagined. He spent a little extra time helping us to get over our camera shyness and by the end of the shoot we both felt so at ease and confident in front of the camera. We are looking forward to booking these guys again soon for our wedding!
— Mary
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Oh my God, I’m crying in Public (crying emoji) so many beautiful shots Jesse!

Seriously incredible
— Nathan and Mary
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