Strahan And  Jane //  Kauri Bay Boomrock, Auckland, New Zealand

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"We got married on April 29th, 2017 at Kauri Bay Boomrock in Auckland, surrounded by 60 close friends and family. We were hoping for a day of clear sunshine, but the day before, a huge front hit Auckland which made for a very wet wedding day, but some pretty dramatic photos.

I'm from New Zealand but my husband is Dutch and has fallen in love with the beauty here. We have a joke he married me so he would be able to live in New Zealand one day." -

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"We really went above and beyond to make sure our guests could kick back and really party.

We had a full open bar – my brother kicked off the shots. We focused on great food and also amazing wines from Ata Rangi and of course lots and lots of champagne.

We choose Kauri Bay Boomrock because we felt it offered the best of the best of New Zealand stunning views, amazing food and the best team you could ask for. We couldn't be happier with our wedding, it was perfection!" -

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Jesse and Jessie Wedding Photography Kauri Bay Boomrock

The Wedding Vendors: Cake THE CAKER, Bride's Dress HAYLEY PAIGE; Groom's suit JESSIE AND SONS CUSTOM SUITS; Makeup GRAYSON COUTTS; Flowers BLUSH; Venue and catering KAURI BAY BOOMROCK