Who Makes The Cut? The Wedding Guest List Chart To End All Confusion

Ah the guest list, how do you know who to invite and who doesn't make the cut?  This handy little flow chart settles the debate once and for all. 

In generations past, the wedding was traditionally thrown by the bride's parents and the guest list left up to them! Although most people feel differently now, this may leave your mum with very different expectations on whether or not her oldest friend from school that you've never met makes the cut. 

The golden ratio: Remember, usually around 80% of the guests you invite will attend. This, however, is not a good reason to invite more! Make sure you know exactly how many your venue can accommodate and go from there. 

Manage expectations: Make sure you chat to your partner and family clearly about who they are expecting to invite, remember all cultures and generations have VERY different ideas about what's a "given" so talk about EVERYTHING to avoid confusion.

Have an A & B list: This sounds harsh but your hands are usually tied when it comes to maximums be it because of budget or venue, trust me when every head is more $$$ you do start to think about who is really important to you. 

Past present and future: One great piece of advice I was given when drafting the guest list was to think not only about friends now but to consider who you imagine yourself growing with and spending time with together as a couple in the future.

The sad truth is your wedding day will be the last time you see some people, that's ok too, so just accept it and view it as the closing of a chapter for some friendships.