LOVE CLUB PROFILES // Greta Kenyon // Founder and Editor Together Journal

This is the first in a series of profiles of people who belong in the love club in one way or another...

When it comes to inside knowledge on weddings in New Zealand, Greta Kenyon really is top of the list. Editor and Founder of Together Journal – a breath of fresh air not only as a wedding magazine, but, as they so cleverly put it....

"Together Journal inspires and showcases the kinds of weddings, occasions and lifestyles that we and our friends and their friends want to have."

It's these kinds of moments we aspire to capture, the photos that are more about moments and feelings. 

The ones you'll want to stick on the fridge and enjoy for a lifetime.  Thank you so much Greta for taking the time to answer a few of our burning questions. 


Let's start at the beginning, can you tell us in a nutshell who you are, and how long Together Journal has been around?

I am the Editor and Founder of Together Journal, an international wedding and lifestyle magazine which is distributed nationwide in New Zealand, Australia and the USA. I launched the magazine just over two years ago.

Previous to that, I worked in the fashion industry as a Brand Manager and Buyer and I am also a Photographer.

Portraits by Coralee Stone

Portraits by Coralee Stone

You must live and breathe weddings, what's the most refreshing and new thing you have seen in the wedding world lately?

The change of law in Australia for the legalisation of same-sex marriage! Such a wonderful step in the right direction.

And on an environmental side...

I am noticing more people are starting to think about sustainability a little more with their weddings. I’m seeing things like charity donations instead of favours (which can often be plastic wrapped or single use), a move towards less waste and plastic, people wanting to know where the things are coming from that they are purchasing for their wedding etc.

In a world of Pinterest, Instagram and so much visual overload, how should brides create a day that is unique to them? 

I think firstly it’s a good idea to look inwards towards the things that you already love. What type of food and experiences do you and your partner enjoy?

What is your favourite season and why? When thinking about locations and venues ask yourselves if you are nature lovers, or do you prefer the city? Do you like to travel? If so maybe a destination wedding or an elopement is the way to go? What types of colours do you lean towards naturally in interiors and fashion?

Asking yourself all these types of questions - preferably together so you are both on the same page will help you both discover what the most important things are to you. Which will then in turn hopefully give you a starting point and will help set you on the right path.

Editorial Images: Garth Badger and Bek Smith

Editorial Images: Garth Badger and Bek Smith


“When picking a photographer choose carefully, make sure you really love their work, meet with them and make sure you see a lot of it. And also make sure you gel with them. They are going to be round you all day long and it's imperative you feel happy, relaxed and connected to them.”

— Greta Kenyon, Together Journal


That being said, with resources to endless creative options more accessible than ever, what should be 3 non-negotiables a bride should spend on for a wedding?

When it comes to three non-negotiable things to spend your money on, I think a lot of this is up to the individual couple and I don’t think there are always going to be three things. Everyone is different, isolate what the most important things are with your partner. Maybe you have a huge group of family and friends and getting them all together for a huge wedding is your dream. Or perhaps you love to travel and having a destination wedding or elopement where you can combine adventure and a new experience with your union is your goal.

Or if you are really into fashion, then, of course, your outfit (or outfits – why stop at one if fashion is your thing) will be key, or you might be a foodie and decide that what you serve at the reception to wow your guests is your single most important thing. Everyone is different.

For me personally, I am going to say Photography. At the end of the day when it’s all over your photographs are going to be the one thing you can come back to time and time again. And for me photography is one of my favourite art forms. 


When picking a photographer choose carefully, make sure you really love their work, meet with them and make sure you see a lot of it. And also make sure you gel with them. They are going to be round you all day long and its imperative you feel happy, relaxed and connected to them.


Lastly, how do you balance your own creative vision with the ever-changing aesthetics of the photographers and stylists Together Journal feature?

We definitely feature a very broad range of stylists and photographers from all over the world, but I would say that the majority of them share our aesthetic. We have a very natural approach at Together Journal. We prefer simply styled settings, that often rely on the natural beauty of a landscape or the location we have chosen. We don’t like to over style and we try and stay away from fads and gimmicky trends that can date quickly, things like the craze for smoke bombs in photos, doughnut walls and trash the dress sessions. We also prefer a natural and simple style of photography which relies mainly on natural light. We are modern and contemporary in our approach, and we are not ruled by tradition but at the same time, we are aware that our work and style has to also feel timeless.

Portrait of Greta: Coralee Stone

Editorial Images: Garth Badger and Bek Smith