The Wedding Planning Websites, Apps and Tools you can't live without


I’ve rounded up the wedding planning apps, websites and resources no bride can live without. This list is designed to get you started towards a more organised big day. Some you will know others you may not!

If you know a great one I’ve missed please do let me know! It would mean the world to us if you pass this on to another a bride to be!

For the planner: The Curator has just launched in NZ and it has us scratching our heads as to why no one has done this before! An all-in-one directory and budget keeper, these guys have forgone the classic girly wedding colours for something that feels comfortably cool and perfectly usable for Bride and Groom. It is the 21st century after all, equality is key, so grab your other half and get yourselves signed in!

For the organiser: All Seated has been created to allow you and your wedding team to devise seating layouts, plan and test tabletop decorations and see your layout in virtual reality. This website allows you to collaborate and share - so much less ‘back and forth’ with planners or venues.  


For the dress : Still White is a online second hand sale site, search by country or designer, this dedicated dress site makes second hand hunting easy! Best if you have already tried and fallen in love with a dress and you can hunt for it by name.


For the creative : Canva  is an online design tool, If you fancy yourself a bit of a creative Canva could be just what you need to bring your ideas to life. Full of fonts, templates, layouts and images Canva makes it easy to design and print invitations, menus, thank you cards and more.


For the registry : The Lovely Registry takes the cake simply because you can add literally anything from anywhere, just upload the image and add in the link. Watch out for the wishing well function, however, as they do take a small cut. The registry also can’t be re arranged so don’t load all the good stuff first or it will be at the bottom! Keep it updated and make sure you have gifts in all price ranges


For keeping everything together:  Google Docs. This might seem like a no brainer but Google Docs is a bride’s best friend. Use the spreadsheets to keep track of your budget and timeline, send it to all others involved in the planning process. Because it’s cloud based it will update automatically anytime anyone makes an alternation! Winning!


For collaboration at your fingertips: InTime is a multi-user collaborative wedding event-planning app that allows you to easily coordinate wedding plans with your friends and family. Once your wedding date is selected, the app will automatically generate a custom-tailored wedding task list. You can assign the tasks to people, chat with your assignees and watch as they complete the tasks in real time. 
This app is perfect for brides, grooms, wedding planners, guests, and whomever else you trust.


For the anal list maker: Trello is not traditionally for weddings but this planning app lets you manage tasks by making a master list of everything you need to buy, book, plan, make and then divide them between you and prioritise them week by week. The best part is you can move the job into the “done” list when it’s been completed.


For the fancy wedding website: Squarespace is a great and easy way to make a wedding website but I would say you need to be at least a wee bit tech savvy to make it really play to all its strengths. Try creating a contact form for your RSVP that you can send guests a link to in their email. Add in specifics like dietary requirements or song requests in the form fields to gather as much info in one go as you can.


For general wedding planning inspo : The Knot is a wealth of info. This site is a great place to start, one thing I will say, however, is that this is full of more American style articles and lists so you will just need to filter through it.


For keeping a visual diary: PinterestI don’t feel like I need to expand too much on this one. Use it wisely and try not to end up with too much of a “pinterest” wedding.


For stopping yourself spending too much : Mint lets you create and itemise a budget and keep track of bills and invoices that need to be paid so you keep your vendors happy and they deliver everything you are expecting.


For bridesmaids dresses : Designer Wardrobe Save everyone time, money and hassle and get your girls to rent dresses, go with a theme or colour or let them run wild, if you want matchy matchy then this might not be the place for you.  



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