For us the goal is always to make sure that we leave our couples feeling like we were right there celebrating with them. That we took the time to really get too the bottom of who they are, individually and as a pair.

It’s important to capture those beautiful “frame on the wall shots” but maybe even more importantly those “moment in time, stick on the fridge” shots where you can’t help but say

“I just love that photo, IT’S SO US!”

First and foremost, that’s always the goal.  

We don’t care if you’re models or hate the camera,

as long as  you’re crazy in love have a wedding that probably doesn’t play by the rules 100%



OUR OWN LOVE STORY went something like this


We were lucky enough to be those people that can say when you know you know. We appreciate that’s not always but hand over heart that’s just what happened, we know we are two of the lucky ones.

We are big fans of weddings but even bigger fans of marriage. 10 months after we met, we got engaged and 8 months after that we were Mr and Mrs Peters.

Before we took up photography full time Jessie came from a background is in fashion marketing and PR and Jesse in the surf / skate industry and event management. it’s been amazing how much all of these experiences have shaped how we approach photography and what Jesse and Jessie is today.

Our own wedding was an epic garden party at the Pah homestead. Things mostly went to plan on the day, the guest list was hard, and one of the salads was missing from the menu BUT we had all the people we loved there.

Our favourite photos are still the ones from the awesome very sweaty dance floor and the group shots from our picnic in Newmarket with our crew. It was the 27th of December so everything was closed and we had the streets to ourselves.

We ate, we drank we did things the way we wanted, and we went home married. It was such an awesome day we wouldn’t change it for the world. We also chose to take our own car for the photos and drive our self to the reception, just the two of us. This was an awesome 20-minute breather and such a nice little mid-day check in with each other before the party started.